chapter TWO

Lina woke up to the incessant ring of her cell. She stared at the glowing display...Mohit. She looked back at the clock by her bed - 2:00 a.m!

This was the most disconcerting part of her relationships- breaking-up, and though she should have got used to this by now, it was difficult..really difficult.

What could she say to Mohit? He was a perfect gentleman, a dashing boy with a heart of gold and of course she never doubted his genuine love for her...everything was so very right about him. Yet, that was the problem - everything was just too perfect, and try as she might she could never let go of her inclination towards a fatality in love - the romeo+juliet kind.

Love without barriers just held no meaning for her and she just couldn't carry forward the relationship.
"Now how am I supposed to make Mohit understand all that? Hell! Sometime even I don't understand myself!", thought Lina.

The cell started ringing again. Lina turned over, covered her ears with the pillows and decided to miss the call.


"Now dont u act pricey wid me.to hell wid ur xams", sms'ed Tuhin.

"Plz dont ask this of me.i cant", replied Trisha.

"I aint askin u to compose mahabharat yaar.just gimme a line i can sms to tht girls cell", Tuhin retorted.

"I aint fallin for tht trap.i write ur luv mails and then fall in luv wid u.nope."

"Thts bollywood crap!"

"I ve seen it happen in real life! I aint takin the risk"

"And whts wrong if u do fall for me? Am I tht bad? :-)"

"Now dont get cute wid me.giv u a kick."

"See! thts not the way u wud talk2a lover2b! now dont waste time and gimme the punchline. i really hav 2 rope in tht girl yaar"

"go to hell!", replied Trisha.

"come on yaar. plz. tell me wht to write"

"uff! told ya just now!", said Trisha.

"wht? u mean tht go2hell??? u serious?! "

"try it and then tell me. now bug me no more. bye"

Tuhin lay thinking for a while. "What the hell!", he thought and he keyed in the three words and sent off the sms to Vrajesh's erstwhile number. "What a way to start a relationship...if at all!"

to be continued


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