chapter THREE

Lina didn't know how to break the news to her dad. Sure he was more of a friend to her than a parent, but this might be just too much for him to digest. In fact all of her friends at college had been shocked at her decision. They never understood, but then did she herself really know what she was doing?

Lina brushed aside those thoughts and called her Dad up at his office.

"Busy dad?"

"Never for you dear!", her father answered, jovial as ever.

"Dad I am coming down to your place for a week. Would that bother you?"

"Sure not! But then I thought you were having your college exams next week..."

"Well ... actually yes. But ... actually I have decided to quit college ... for good"

"That was a very poor joke Lina! " said Mr. Joshi, laughing.

"I am serious Dad. I have had enough of studies. I want to go out into the real world and find out what I am really worth. I have contacted an NGO near here and they are willing to take me in; after all I'll get a good chance to see how much of all that management education I've had for the past two years is actually useful ..."

"All that is fine dear. But this is the final exam! Three more weeks and you will have an MBA degree in your hands! After that you are always free to do whatever you want... "

"Come on Dad. I went to college to 'learn', and I did. I don't need certificates to prove myself. Now no more discussions on this. See you, bye!" and Lina hung up, heaving a sigh of relief that it was finally over.


Tuhin was so taken up by work for a whole week that he didn't have the time to ponder on his "mystery woman". Finally over the weekend it all came back to him and he called up Trisha.

"Hey you! I got no goddamned reply from her!"

"What is this Tuhin? Are you calling up a friend or issuing a threat like some underworld 'bhai'? At least wish me a happy new year first! " said Trisha.

"And what's so 'happy' about this new year? Here I am all worked up about this ....this girl, and all you care about are stupid greetings. Anyways I did send you an sms greeting, don't blame me if you didn't get it."

" I did. Come on now, I was kidding. Ok so whats your story till now?"

"Story? She never replied to that sms I sent!"

"She wasn't supposed to! Who in their right minds would reply to a 'go to hell' from a stranger? "

"So...??? Then why did you ask me to? " said Tuhin, totally confused.

"Well... although she didn't reply, she will sure remember that sms; in fact, she must have been thinking 'what a stupid jerk, sending such messages to a stranger'."

"And how does that help?" said Tuhin, sarcasm dripping from his voice.

"Well, that sets the stage for your second sms! "

"Oh no! Enough of all that. Thanks for your advice but NO, thanks!"

"Fine then. Chalo bye, call you up sometime..."

"Hey wait!" interjected Tuhin.

"Now what?" asked Trisha, smiling to herself.

"What's the second sms?"

to be continued

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